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Picture of South Side Christian Church We like to go places where we feel secure and comfortable . . .
. . . where we feel welcome.

We like to go home.

We at South Side Christian Church want to be that "welcome" place . . .
your home away from home.

Are you looking for a place to worship God and serve His interests in the Munster Indiana area? Are you looking for a Church that is relevant to today's culture? Are you looking for a Church that has quality programming and ministry for the entire family?

South Side Christian Church has served the Calumet region for over 75 years, the last 20 in Munster.

We offer both a Traditional and a Contemporary style of worship to assist you in your worship of God.

We are also family oriented, realizing that all people, from infant to senior citizen, need to grow and develop their spiritual lives.

If you are looking for a Church home, give us a try and see if we can be of help to you and your family.

Logo of South Side Christian Church South Side Christian Church
1000 Broadmoor Avenue ... Munster, Indiana
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